Top tips on marketing

Top tips on marketing
13 January 2022     2655

Top tips on marketing

Almost every business falls in the following loop:

Marketing, selling, producing, stopping marketing, selling, producing, finishing the project

Then comes along the next project and the cycle repeats itself. When a loop or a spiral contains within itself some relative or inherent meaning then one could reasonably justify placing oneself in it. But otherwise it is hard to see why one would subject themselves to such an environment.

Effects and Consequences

The above-mentioned working conditions weaken creative prowess, stamp out the fun and kill any initiative in most individuals. Firespring tries to offers us tips on specifically this sort of situation.

Maybe you have not even noticed that you, yourself, have fallen into the loop, perhaps you do not know how to get out of it or, in worse cases, think that this is nothing even worthy of mention.

The first two groups are bound to get similar answers. The third one is trickier, because we are dealing with hollowed out value systems, which should, more adequately, be enquired into during a lecture on philosophy and not on a blog pertaining to graphic design.

Goals and Ideas

First of all make sure that the work you are doing will, at the very least, be of some help to a person out there. Of course it is better for you to occupy yourself saving lives out there, or addressing critical situations, but there is a place in the world for people who want to make day-to-day life more comfortable. That is where graphic designers come in. The goal of this field should be to make information, that is relevant, as accessible and easily digestible as possible. Developers on the other hand try to make the entire process smoother.

If you have not adopted some serious principles regarding your followers, these tips will just come off as your standard consumerist cliches. Because that is what they will be in the hands of someone who ignores the other part of the equation.

But if you think that your organization actually tries to contribute something to the accessibility and comfort of people around you, then you would naturally want to make your business more popular as your positive influence will grow in turn.

These following marketing practices will help you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

Social-media ads: Putting out blogs on subjects that you deem important is always recommended. Blogs affect SEO, sharing them on different platforms will up the traffic and, therefore, the interactions. How many people do you know that daily check certain blogs on Georgian websites? First and foremost pay attention to the social-media presence.

Target audience: Try to understand who is it you are trying to reach. You can conduct a research or some surveys in order to have a better footing. Or you could always read through the published literature regarding the market.

Networking: Attending events, working on your LinkedIn profile, linking with other organizations, sending out emails, starting collaborative projects... All of these will help you gain different types of business partners.

Youtube search engine optimization: A lot of companies are not aware that Youtube is owned by Google. Which means that they do not know Google gives certain privileges to keywords used on there. If you have some ideas regarding potential videos it is not a bad idea to get on that platform as well.

Referrals: If your projects have been successful, on the whole, and you have been networking for a while then this step will, usually, take care of itself automatically. Formerly satisfied clients tend to refer others whenever the topic comes up.

Website optimization: Never forget that on-page SEO and Google analytics which is embedded in the site will help you carry out almost any campaign more successfully.

Design consistency: Starting with the specific web-pages and micro-sites and finishing off with the logos, every single one of your design elements should be easy to remember. Even if your former customers have a good impression of you if they cannot remember your name they will not be able to refer you to anyone.

Constant marketing: Instead of assigning marketing duties to one of the employees, who already has much on their table, it is a far better idea to hire a marketer who knows what they are doing. A good marketer will pay back their salary.

If you follow these general schemes and enquire into the specific aspects of them yourself, then your project will, most likely, become more popular as a result. There are very few companies in Georgia who are savvy in this regards so if you are to plunge head first... 2022 is as good of a time as any.